About Me

I’ve started so, so, so, so, many “About Me” pages. They all start out kind of like this:

Hey! I love food, photography, fitness, health, fun and family…


Thanks for stopping by! I’m a busy mom of three and the wife of a pilot, we live a crazy, fun, hectic lives….


Hi there, I’m glad you are here! I’m am a coffee lover, photographer and mom. I love connecting with people and getting the most out of life….


Welcome to my blog! I am passionate about fitness, food and getting healthy! I am a happiness seeker and lover of life!

Okay, you get the point. Shiny happy, energetic and superficial. Not that all those things aren’t true. Because THEY ARE! I am ALL of those things.

I have found that people I have really connected with or learned something from are people who have been brave enough to open, honest and vulnerable. These are people who have been through THINGS, just like we all have. But, they have chosen to open themselves up to the world, which is a scary thought for most, in hopes that they can truly help and inspire OTHER people. This is what I want to do, as well. In part because it is something that I always think about wanting to do. In part because I feel really strongly in sharing things I have learned with people. And more than anything, I want to help and inspire people, just like I have been on my health and wellness journey.

I have fears just like anyone would if they were deciding to launch a health and wellness blog.

-People will think, I think I am a “know it all”

-I don’t look as skinny & ripped or know as much as other health and wellness gurus

-I am not good at writing

-People won’t like what I post

-I won’t have enough time to do this

Okay, ya get the point. The list could go on for miles. But, why should it? I am just going to recognize these fears, embrace them and feel the pain they bring and rise above and fight through.

I am doing this for areason. To help someone. And if I focus on that, I can’t go wrong! I hope! LOL!

Ok, deep breath. Time for the meat and potatoes of the About Me. Why I’m here. What led me here.

Well, to put it in a nutshell. I lost my step dad, who was my dad in every sense of the word, from the time I was a young girl. I lost him, while I was in college, two weeks after my first son was born. He was 45. He had a heart attack. He had, had a heart attack about 6 months earlier while he was deep in the woods, with friends riding 4-wheelers. He was life flighted to a hospital in the city I was living at the time. I went in the middle of the night to meet the amulance. It was terrifying and the images and experience will never leave my mind.

I lost my mother just a few years ago. She was 65. She had a rare and the most aggressive form of brain cancer a person can have. The dreaded GMB. It was a death sentence with a extremely short due date. It was a terrifying phone call to learn the seriousness of the cancer. It was heart wrenching knowing I was halfway across the county, due to a recent move for my husband’s job. I couldn’t research fast enough. I couldn’t talk her into coming here for treatment, which I don’t blame her for. And she got kicked out of a clinical trial. I’m not going to go into details here. But, seeing some die from a deadly, aggressive brain cancer is a life changing experience. And if it isn’t, then you have just not taken time to feel the pain and rise up from it. It will change you for the better or for the worse. More on that later.

Well, while I am writing this I am 44. And have no living parents. It’s weird. It givens me perspective. It has giving me drive and motivation. And I know the time is right to start this journey, because I have made it this far before having to take a break from the computer to collect myself.

And ya know, just to drive the message home. My grandmother on my mother’s side had heart disease, diabetes and alzetimers. She did live to be 82. My biological father had been committed to a mental hospital early in my mother’s first marriage. My grandfather on my mother’s side died from colon cancer. Several of my Aunts and Uncles passed away from cancers as well. My Aunt’s second husband passed away from pancreatic cancer and a vibrant man, who played basketball and golfed with friends, was gone right before my eyes.

I’m sure many of you reading this can relate. Maybe you have also lost a loved one, a child, a parent or a spouse to cancer or another awful disease. Maybe like me you don’t want these events to send you into a deep depression. You don’t want these events to cause you to give up on life. Give up on health. Give up on yourself. Maybe, like me you have children or a spouse or a brother or sister to live for. You have people in your lives who need you. You have people in your life who you are setting an examples for. Maybe like me you do love life. And you do love people. And you do love yourself. And you do want to be the best version of yourself for so many reasons. You are ready to put in the work. You are ready to make changes. And you want to beat the odds if at all possible to avoid the fate you have seen so many loved ones succumb to. And if you are, then I hope I can help. I hope I can make you laugh. I hope I can inspire you. I hope we can be friends. I can’t wait to get started. I have much to share!

And let’s just get one little thing straight. I’m not perfect, you aren’t perfect. Perfection is not the goal. Perfect people, bodies and lives are constantly being portrayed in your social media feeds. I am interested in real people, living real lives who are willing to put work into making real changes to live better lives. Learning, living better and taking steps in the right direction, NO MATTER how small are worth celebrating! You can start with small changes and build on those over time to get where YOU want to be!

That’s kind of where the whole “GET REAL” thing comes from! This is real life people, not a fake instagram account from someone who appears to have it all! Get over the superficial, get real about WHY you want to make changes and I’ll help you as much as I possible can!





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